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Stop buying those shitty guides which will be outdated in a matter of weeks or even days.


Don't kill your credit cards by trying so hard to card a website which you shouldn't even try


Don't put yourself in danger of getting caught committing credit card fraud and end up in jail.


Stop wasting money on vip72, it is killing your cards.

What are you getting from us?

Our lessons cover the dos and don'ts of the carding world. With this we shall provide you with a PDF as well to help you understand. It contains a series of screenshots to help you in your set up. We'll try our best to be with you step by step in your process in becoming a carding king. In extreme cases we are also willing to provide support via teamviewer.

You will be given Antidetect V.5 software for free. This software is a must have software in the carding world. It will increase the success of your carding exponentially. The software costs more than $400, though it can be bought for cheap price from market-places but most of them have malware in it. We will be getting you a malware free software for free with your course.

Upon finshing your lessons you will be provided to our personal seller of HQ Credit cards for your future carding. And two working cardable websites links, one for Credit cards and the other for PayPal. So this is a win-win situation for all of us. You will get free updates and support after your lessons. This is not a sell and run business here. We will be in touch untill you're fully capable of carding.

We won't promise you the moon here. Please be realistic. We are not going to tell you the magic words 'open sesame' and lead you to a cave of gold. However, we do promise a decent amount of money to help you live a debt free life. Starting from basic PayPal definition and security till making your own transfers. How to create a stealth PayPal account, how to age it properly, when to use the funds in it, how to use hacked PayPal accounts and so much more will discussed in depth. If you have trouble creating PayPal accounts, then no problem we've got your back!

Knowledge is Power

STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY and falling on scammers hands. Start learning the basics of carding and do it yourself!